Broncho-Assist | N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) | 600mg | 120 Capsules | Lung Support


  • Helps Improve Free Beathing.Helps Relieve Lung Congestion.
  • Helps Maintain Natural Respiratory Mucus Levels.
  • Promotes Powerful Antioxidant Glutathionine Synthesis.
  • Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans
  • Manufactured in the UK to GMP code of practice and ISO 9001 quality assurance certification

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Broncho-Assist™ is SkinDerm Nutraceutics® GMP manufactured N-Acetyl-Cysteine(NAC) 600mg.

N-Acetyl-Cysteine has various important functions. N-Acetyl-Cysteine has mucolytic properties as it helps break up and loosen mucus, especially in the lungs and respiratory tract thus making it easier to cough up. It exerts its effects by removing specific bonds in mucus proteins. Supplements containing NAC have been shown to support natural healthy levels of mucus within the respiratory tract.

NAC has direct and indirect antioxidant properties. NAC protects the lungs against toxic agents by increasing pulmonary defence mechanisms through its direct antioxidant properties and its indirect role as a precursor of GSH synthesis.

In patients with COPD, treatment with NAC in a dose of 600 mg once daily reduces the risk of exacerbations and improves symptoms compared with placebo. The BRONCUS trial showed that this is especially the case in those COPD patients not using inhaled corticosteroids.

N-Acetyl-Cysteine is also precursor to glutathionine synthesis. Our bodies make their own glutathione using the amino acid cysteine, but levels may be depleted in a number of health conditions. Because of glutathione’s chemical structure, it is not possible to take glutathione as a supplement and absorb it.

Studies have shown that taking N-Acetyl-Cysteine can raise glutathione levels within the brain and body tissues.


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