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We believe skin health to be the focal point of producing medicines that are clearly meant to prevent & heal skin disease. Our knowledge, skills, capability and expertise are established on several years of experience. We have experience in both the science of skin, topical formulation development and pharmaceutical laboratory experience. We work with established global companies who create highly functional inactive ingredients (approved pharmaceutical ingredients, API). These API’s augment the accomplishment and functionality of the overall drug product.

Pharmaceutical Grade Excipients & Actives for all your medicated applications.

Soon we will be launching a supply chain of a wide selection of functional excipients. These excipients will help optimise the inclusion of sensitive and challenging active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) into various drug forms. We will be working with our suppliers to provide high quality purity excipients which will enhance value to the overall drug development. At SKD Pharmaceuticals™ we can incorporate a huge range of functional API excipients into our drug topical formulations enabling superior characteristics.

The excipients and ingredients supplied will provide immense benefits. These benefits will be improved API stability, augmented bioavailability, improved drug delivery, better skin penetration, reduced skin irritation and superior skin moisturisation for barrier repair and healing. These particular benefits will help reduction in your time to market and optimise the accomplishment of your overall drug formulation.

For private label products we can work together to accomplish and create innovative skin treatments and products. We can develop optimum skin health products and dermatological treatments with improved patient compliance, enhanced bioavailability and improved product aesthetics.

  • Topical Preparations

  • Oral Dosage Forms