Revolutionizing Over-the-Counter Medicine Distribution


Medi+Point offers a unique medicine vending machine catering to common minor ailments. Equipped with a sophisticated touchscreen software, it filters and presents suitable general medicinal products based on the ailment and age. Each purchase comes with a detailed description, contraindications, dosage information, and additional advice related to the condition. The concept of Medi+Point was conceived in 2009 by a forward-thinking pharmacist who recognised the need for accessible, round-the-clock medication solutions for common ailments.


  • Safety with Medi+Point Chip and Pin Card: To safeguard against misuse, especially by children, Medi+Point offers a chip and pin card system. This card restricts the amount of medication one can purchase in a 24-hour period, in line with legal limits. The card is freely accessible, preventing unauthorized use.
  • Strategic Locations: Machines are placed in secured public areas such as shopping centers, airports, stadiums, and hotels. Future collaborations could see machines stationed outside pharmacies, providing 24/7 service.
  • Monitoring and Data Collection: The system allows for monitoring of medicine usage trends. This could be invaluable for healthcare professionals and policy planners.
  • Support and Maintenance: A dedicated helpline in collaboration with the vending machine company ensures smooth operations.
  • Marketing Insights: Data on medicine usage can be offered to health organizations and pharmaceutical companies for insights into public health trends and product performance.

Concerns and Solutions:

  1. Medical Misdiagnosis:
    • Concern: Risk of users choosing inappropriate medication.
    • Solution: Integrate a symptom checker or questionnaire to guide users, emphasizing the importance of professional consultations.
  2. Data Privacy:
    • Concern: Protecting users’ medical purchase histories.
    • Solution: Use advanced encryption and comply with global data protection regulations. Offer data opt-out options.
  3. Medicine Interactions:
    • Concern: Potential adverse drug interactions.
    • Solution: Add a feature for users to input other medications for interaction warnings.
  4. Potential Misuse:
    • Concern: Misuse due to gathering multiple cards.
    • Solution: Integrate facial recognition or biometrics with the card system to detect misuse.
  5. Maintenance and Stocking:
    • Concern: Ensuring machine functionality and fresh stock.
    • Solution: Collaborate with local medical suppliers for regular checks and restocks. Use sensors for expiry date checks.
  6. Regulatory Approvals:
    • Concern: Navigating varying regional regulations.
    • Solution: Employ a dedicated legal team for regional compliance.
  7. Accessibility Concerns:
    • Concern: Ensuring machine accessibility for all users.
    • Solution: Design ADA-compliant machines with voice and braille features.
  8. Emergency Situations:
    • Concern: Addressing adverse reactions after medicine consumption.
    • Solution: Display emergency contacts prominently and collaborate with local emergency services.
  9. Environmental Impact:
    • Concern: Sustainability concerns.
    • Solution: Use recycled materials and offer digital receipts. Consider green energy sources for operation.
  10. Cultural and Language Barriers:
  • Concern: Catering to diverse user bases.
  • Solution: Provide multi-language options and cultural context where needed.
  1. Pricing and Affordability:
  • Concern: Keeping medicines affordable.
  • Solution: Implement tiered pricing and collaborate with pharmaceutical companies for discounts.

Usage Example:

A guest in a hotel is awakened by toothache. With no open pharmacies nearby, the guest accesses the hotel’s Medi+Point machine. The system guides the user through selecting the ailment, specifying the type of pain, and presenting suitable medications. Upon selection, the machine dispenses the medicine and offers printed advice, like seeing a dentist if the pain persists.

With Medi+Point, we aim to revolutionize the accessibility and convenience of over-the-counter medications while ensuring safety, compliance, and user-centric services. We invite investors to be a part of this pioneering journey into the future of healthcare solutions.

Business Model:

Medi+Point’s primary revenue stream is derived from:

  • Direct Sales: A percentage markup on each medicinal product sold.
  • Subscription Models: For frequent users or families, offering monthly subscriptions that provide benefits such as discounts or priority access.
  • Partnerships: Collaborating with pharmaceutical companies for exclusive or featured placements.
  • Advertising: Displaying health-related advertisements on the machine interface.
  • Data Analytics: Anonymized data on medicine purchase trends can be valuable for health research and pharmaceutical R&D, offering another potential revenue stream.

Competitive Advantage:

Medi+Point stands out due to:

  • Proprietary Software: Our unique algorithm not only filters medicine based on ailment and age but also ensures a safety net against misuse.
  • User Experience: A seamless touch-screen interface, easy navigation, and comprehensive information ensure an unmatched user experience.
  • Diverse Offering: Beyond typical OTC medicines, we consider expanding to vitamins, supplements, and first aid supplies.
  • Patents: Initiating processes to patent our unique software and the technology behind our dispensing system adds an extra layer of business security.

Growth Strategy:

Our plans to scale the business include:

  • Location Expansion: Starting with urban centers, then branching to rural areas, tourist spots, and international locations.
  • Telehealth Integration: Collaborating with telehealth platforms where a patient, after a virtual consultation, can be directed to the nearest Medi+Point for instant medication.
  • Diversifying Products: Beyond medications, adding health and wellness products such as supplements, first-aid kits, and more.


  • Pharmaceutical Companies: Working on partnerships for exclusive product placements and promotions.
  • Pharmacies: Aligning with pharmacy chains to install Medi+Point machines, enhancing 24/7 accessibility.
  • Healthcare Institutions: Collaborating with hospitals and clinics for potential integrations and referrals.

Feedback & Continuous Improvement:

  • Feedback Kiosks: Installing feedback options on the Medi+Point machines.
  • Regular Surveys: Engaging users in periodic online surveys for improvement suggestions.
  • Version Updates: Rolling out software updates based on feedback and technological advancements.