Strength Conditioner | 250mL


Our strength conditioner works best on dehydrated, damaged hair leaving it silky and easy to groom. Our unique formula adapts to prevent hair from breakage whilst brushing or heat based styling. Strength Conditioner is recommended for regular use on highly damaged, coloured or brittle hair.

– Penetrates and restores the hair follicle

– Replaces essential amino acids lost from chemical processes

– Increases strength

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Hair Diagnosis
Dry, Damaged and highly bleached hair.
Best suited for Medium to thick density hair but can be used in ne hair if necessary (the strengthening qualities of this product make it a slightly heavier conditioner).

Active Ingredients

Keratin Hydrolyzed

Our Hair consists of about 80% Keratin. Hydrolyze means to break up into smaller pieces. The Hydrolyzed Keratin proteins have been broken down in order to deposit itself on to the hair shaft in the regions of porosity and damage due to it’s low molecular structure. The Hydrolyzed Keratin Proteins are small enough to go beyond the cuticle and penetrate the hair shaft due to it’s low molecular weight; therefore, reducing damage.
Since hair is made from Keratin, it is by far the best protein to treat hair that has been damaged by chemicals and
heavy manipulation. Keratin is known to replace the amino acid cysteine, which is lost during chemical processing. The cysteine bridges are broken, during the chemical process, resulting in a damaged and weakened hair. Hydrolyzed Keratin increases the amount of cysteine available to the hair, thus, minimizing damage and increasing strength.


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